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    Of SaaS Model

THE EXPERT SERVICES THAT WE OFFERWays To Manage Survey Research Issues

Online Panel Recruitment

Online Panel Recruitment

Utilize your existing background data and contacts to build an online panel, or build one from scratch. Ask about profiling using our online survey solution, to automate both your panel management and survey research.

Rapid Project Management

Rapid Project Management

Perform all your day-to-day project management tasks such as managing survey links, managing CPC, managing required completes & max completes,managing panel-list and many more with all streamlined and automated processes.

Invoicing, Payments and Receipts

Invoicing, Payments and Receipts

Generate client and vendor invoices from either single or multi project and email them at a go. Track the open invoices, over dues and last paids & receipts.

Manage Region

Generate Links

Get Survey Links, Get End Page Links.

Manage Panel Vendor Links

Setup the end pages of panel vendors, So they also are updated and are on the same page with the statistics.

Manage Company

Manage Company

Save and secure your most important data.

Capitalize on your data

Email address is not just an email address. It can be your client or your vendor or your panel-list, Therefore save it, secure it and CAPITALIZE it.

Manage Panel-list

Manage Panel-list

Speed up your survey research.

Complete Panel-list Process

Drive Operational Efficiencies: Automate & Speedup panel management processes, Starting from recruitment to research to rewards.

Communicate Wisely

Panel Vendors

Add Panel Vendors To Your Projects.

Speedup the Survey Study

Create a professional network of panel vendors and use them in the projects as per your need.

Our Team

  • Dharam B. Gandhi

    Dharam B. Gandhi

    Marketing Expert

    Dharam Gandhi has a vast experience in Marketing Domain and he has successfully stabilized and transformed, some of the top companies in these segment.

    Domain Skills


    Technical Skills

    Tarak B. Gandhi

    Tarak B. Gandhi

    Technology Expert

    Tarak Gandhi has 20+ years of experience in delivering business solutions, And now his experience & expertise rejuvenates survey industry

    Domain Skills


    Technical Skills

  • Richa Verma

    Richa Verma

    Technology Expert

    Richa Verma is expert software developer with huge corporate experience. Her responsibility is to develop and deploy the solution.

    Domain Skills


    Technical Skills


Why Choose Us

Solution served as SAAS Model.
Survey back office data is on cloud

Survey Back Office data are hosted on a cloud which gives more reliability and a very high percentage of uptime. Besides that it balances the loads which helps the user's request to be consistent with its transmission speed. Cloud computing has the flexibility to switch the resource to manage the performance of your request.Cloud computing providers serves with disaster recovery option which takes care of most issues, and they are done faster. You have much better and robust security on cloud.We are using a very mature and robust cloud technology provided by amazon.

Domain knowledge should not be mistaken for technical knowledge

One can have domain knowledge but is not a technical expert and another way round. Domain knowledge is incredibly valuable for software development,And Survey Back Office Team owns both.

Mini Panel-List Portal.

Survey Back Office offers Mini Panel-List Portal, where by the panel-list can view and take actions on their profile, invitees, rewards, queries. etc

Happy Panel-List means more business.

Survey Back Office,maximize response rates by giving your panel-lists the best experience.Survey Back Office understands the importance of reward systems, And therefore we provide with multiple options for rewards.

Voice of our Customers

Ryan Horne

Survey Back Office makes it easy to master customer insights.These insights drive strategy and are used to anticipate the needs of customers.And with happy customers, everyone wins..

Ashutosh Narayan
Mayank Bhanushali

Without Survey Back Office, my business model of fast, affordable, transparent research would not be possible.

Mayank Bhanushali

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