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These system is for external companies (non sbo users) and it is 100 % free, and here you can post a project to bid, the posted project will be visible to the active clients of "Survey Back Office". If our client wish to work on the posted project then they will bid through our system or contact you through provided contact details.

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How it works

1. After the bid is posted successfully, the bid will be checked for moderations & gen-unity.

2. If the bid is found genuine, then shall be marked as approved.

3. Once the bid is approved, it will be published on the dashboard of survey back office's portal and the premium clients of survey back office, shall be able to see it & respond to it.

Note: We won't be liable for the client's response.. The contact details provided shall be saved in our secured data storage and shall not be provided to any other company/contact besides our clients.

For technical support or queries contact us on below provided details during our office hours (10:00 to 19:00 IST, Working Days Only)

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