Our Features

Survey research business centric features & services gives us an edge over the competition. We keep our policies more clear & transparent to have a long term hand-shaking.

Get Your Links, with your identity

Get your branded links and share it with your clients & vendors. Either your end-pages or your panel-vendors end pages.

  • Your End-Pages.
  • Add client's survey link.
  • Panel-list survey link.
  • Panel-Vendor's End-Page.
  • Panel-Vendor's survey link.

Own Panel or Panel-Vendors

The research companies can take studies through their own panel-list (respondents) or can get it done through panel-vendors.

  • Panel-list Mini Portal.
  • Panel's Reward System.
  • Reward Redemptions.
  • Panel-Vendor's Quota.
  • Panel-Vendor's CPC/CPI.

Get Live Statistics

Live statistics of redirections, showing completes, dis-qualified and quota full.

  • Your Own Panels Statistics.
  • Individual Panel-Vendors Statistics.
  • Consolidated Statistics.
  • Download or Email It.

Project Commissions

Commission systems to motivate your team and get a fast turn around for your projects.

  • Project Team Commissions.
  • Sales Team Commission.
  • Mutiple ways to set commission.
  • Manage Commission Payouts.

Create & Manage Panel

Create your own panel and send survey invitations through an highly adaptive GUI interface and rapidly get your project completed.

  • Panel-list Registration.
  • Panel-list Profiling.
  • Panel-list Survey Invitations.
  • Panel-list Rewards & Redemptions.

Mini Panel List Portal

We provide a mini portal for individual panel list, where by they can manage their survey related operations.

  • Register New Panel List.
  • Manage User Profiling.
  • View Survey Invitations.
  • Take Pending Surveys.
  • View Available Rewards.
  • Claim For Reward Redemption.
  • Query to Related PM.


Get Prescreeners to collect data from panel-list and also get facilitated to take studies with filtered data.

Before starting up the survey (study) add pre-screeners so that you can collect the respondents data and can validate the repondent based on the pre-screener choices.

Invoicing System

Create Invoice for client and create invoices for panel vendors.

Once the project is completed and rectified, you can directly create invoices and send to your client and panel vendors. It also manages the outstanding system of the generated invoices

Email Templating

All the out going emails subject and body content can be customized as per your choice & requirements.

Customize out going panel list emails, client emails, panel vendor emails and system emails

Mini CMS

A mini content management system.

This mini cms portal allows you to customize your landing page and related static pages. Along with the page content it also allows you to customize the whole landing page template with easy to use HTML & CSS coding.