Yes the free plan is really free and it won't be asking for any credit cards or bank details. The limits of the free plans are mentioned on the pricing page

Yes 100%, All our plans have the same user-interface and same operational systems. The only difference is that certain modules & features shall be disabled.

Yes 100% the data is secured and it is stored on amazon cloud, secondary for each client we maintain client wise individual database, so there is no scope for mixing the data of one client into another. We even have policies and maintain security systems for securing the database details from our team mates

The solution is built using PHP as front end and MySQL as back end.

No, Not at all. Once you pay it is done, There is lot of process & cost involved, Due to which we have a non-refundable policy. You have a free plan, where by you can check and move ahead, if satisfied.

The support team resides in India, Due to which the support hours shall be in context with the Indian Standard Time (IST) zone. Support includes training and problem solving and shall be provided as per our working hours.

The project count does not reset and neither does the database size, It shall be c/f in the next year, As the projects or size can not be chopped.